psalm 100 lyrics
Genevan Psalter Organ Anthems

The Bible set to Music

Series 7

Psalms 2, 24, 43, 66, 86, 116

Jeremiah 1; Mark 2; Luke 9, 10; I Thessalonians 4; Revelation 9

Unison for mixed choir with accompaniments that may serve simultaneously as Organ service pieces.

Christopher Nelson

With new metrical texts. REVISED 2017



Psalm 2

"Why do the nations conspire"

Jeremiah 1

"The Call of Jeremiah"

Psalm 24

"The Earth is the Lord's"

Mark 2

"The Cure of the Paralytic"

Psalm 43

"Vindicate me, O God"

Luke 9

"The Journey to Jerusalem"

Psalm 66

"Make a joyful noise to God"

Luke 10

"The Mission of the Seventy-two"

Psalm 86

"Incline thy ear, O Lord"

I Thessalonians 4

"The Second Coming"

Psalm 116

"I love the Lord"

Revelation 9

"The Sixth Trumpet"