psalm 100 lyrics
Genevan Psalter Organ Anthems

The Bible set to Music

Anthems in order by Scripture paired with Psalm

Genesis - Sirach Isaiah - Zechariah Gospels Acts - Revelations

About the Compositions

  1. The “series” are in order by date of composition.
  2. Composing by series, or slices of the entire material,
  3. seemed preferable to starting with Psalm 1
  4. and continuing in order to the end, Psalm 150.
  5. Series 1 is a prologue.
  6. Series 2-4 relate to the Lectionary, years B, C, and A.
  7. Series 5-7 finish off the pairs begun in Series 2-4.
  8. And series 8-26 present the material always in pairs.

  1. In each series, the six Psalms are offered
  2. as anthems for the church choir.
  3. Their distinctive features are as follows:
  1. 1. All texts are whole Psalms.
  2. 2. The texts are new metrical versions
  3. whose musical setting has the same rhythm,
  4. from stanza to stanza,
  5. obtained from Geneva Psalter meters.
  6. 3. Though the melody lines are simple,
  7. the music is through-composed
  8. with a steady flow
  9. and with appropriate key changes
  10. from stanza to stanza.
  11. 4. Organ accompaniments with obligatory pedal
  12. are in a simple chordal style
  13. and may be used separately as organ service pieces,
  14. in particular, as preludes to the service
  15. in which the anthem is positioned.
  1. Registration: For 'All', use plenum on the Great
  2. playing the melody an octave higher.
  3. For 'Men', play left hand on Swell, melody on Great.
  4. For 'Women', use plenum on the Swell
  5. playing the melody an octave higher.

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